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XL Brands HM99 Multiuse Resilient Adhesive - 4 gal

A high-strength, high-tack adhesive for installing over porous substrates, XL HM99 High Moisture Adhesive offers extended open time, fast dry time and ease of application. This unique adhesive has outstanding water resistance and tenacious bond strength for demanding installations such as hospitals, schools, nursing homes, hospitality, and food preparation centers. The low odor is ideal for occupied buildings.

Used with: Interface Carpet Tile backed with CQuest™Bio, CQuest™BioX, and ReadyBac™; and Interface 4.5mm Sound Choice™ LVT

Spread Rate: 1/16” x 1/32” x 1/32” U-notch trowel with an application rate of 220 - 260 sq ft per gallon

Safety Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet

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