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Interface is now a third-party certified Carbon Neutral Enterprise.



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Conscient, a breath of fresh air for your well-being. What if flooring could improve the air we breathe? Now it can, with Conscient: the groundbreaking carpet tile from Interface. Conscient’s unique construction of bio-based and recycled materials means it emits virtually zero VOCs – one of the biggest contributors to poor indoor air quality. It also traps and retains ultra-fine dust, reducing the number of harmful particles in our breathing zone. Like all Interface flooring, it’s super-durable, easy to install with minimal installation waste and beautifully designed, with natural tones and textures.

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Product Construction

Tufted Patterned Structured Tip Sheared Pile

Yarn System

100% Solution Dyed Nylon, 62.5% Biobased

Standard Backing



5m² Box Global 20 Tiles

Pile Yarn Weight

686.00 g/m² ± 5%

Total Weight

4,090 g/m² ± 5%

Pile Height

2.90 mm +15% / - 10%

Total Thickness

5.8 mm ±0.5mm

Gauge – Ends per 10 cm

1/10 - 39.4

Tufts per m²

173360 /m² ±5%

Wear Classification

EN 1307 33 Heavy Contract

Castor Chair Rating

BS-EN 985 r ≥ 2.4


(EN ISO 9239-1) Euroclass Bfl-s1 (EN 13501-1)

Light Fastness

≥7 (ISO 105-B02)

Light Reflectance Value (LRV-L)


Light Reflectance Value (LRV-Y)


Dimensional Stability

≤0.2% (ISO 2551/EN 986)

Impact Sound Insulation ΔLw EN ISO 10140-3

23 dB

Rating of Sound Absorption (αw) EN ISO 11654


Sound Absorption (αs)EN ISO 354 at 125 Hz


Sound Absorption (αs)EN ISO 354 at 250 Hz


Sound Absorption (αs)EN ISO 354 at 500 Hz


Sound Absorption (αs)EN ISO 354 at 1000 Hz


Sound Absorption (αs)EN ISO 354 at 2000 Hz


Sound Absorption (αs)EN ISO 354 at 4000 Hz


Total Recycled Content

54 %

Pre-Consumer (Total)

54.00 %

Post-Consumer (Total)

0.00 %

Yarn Recycled Content

0.00 %

Pre-Consumer (Yarn)

0.00 %

Post-Consumer (Yarn)

0.00 %

Total Bio Based Content

23.78 %

Total Recycled & Bio Based Content

88.98 %

Indoor Air Quality

Compliant with LEED EQ 4.3 credit

French A+

GLP 100209

HQE (France)

View Potential HQE Contribution

DGNB (Germany)

View Potential DGNB Contribution

Embodied Carbon (Cradle to Gate)

6.8 kg CO₂ eq./m²

Full Life Cycle Carbon

Certified Carbon Neutral Floors™

Installation Waste

Non-directional – 1-2%


Optimised for glue-free installation with TacTiles® connectors with virtually zero VOCs


Can be returned through the Interface ReEntry scheme and be reused as raw material in new carpet tiles.


Can be cleaned and reused in a non-critical location to extend its useful life.

Waste to Energy

Can be incinerated in appropriate waste to energy plant.

All product specifications reflect averages derived from product sample testing, are subject to normal manufacturing and testing tolerances and inherent pattern variances, and may be changed without notice. For more information about these and other important attributes of the product(s) described herein, including recycled content and product warranty information, please see